‘Westworld’ was never trying to trick you



After the credits rolled on Westworld‘s blood-soaked Season 1 finale, HBO invited fans to react to what they’d just seen with a card that read: “What just happened? Ask a host now,” before directing fans to the website DiscoverWestworld.com.

For most of the season, Discover Westworld has been presented as a typical promotional website for a vacation destination run by Delos Incorporated, albeit one with an intriguing terms of service contract (in which guests give Delos the rights to their “skin cells, bodily fluids, secretions, excretions, hair samples, saliva, sweat, blood, and any other bodily functions not listed here,” to be used however the company sees fit) and a virtual host called Aeden who is programmed to cryptically answer all your questions — including hints about the show’s ongoing plotlines. Read more…

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Seal thinks he’s a cow and makes a paddock his home



There really is something to be said for stopping and asking for directions.

A very lost fur seal turned up in a paddock in rural Australia on Tuesday and National Parks and Wildlife services were perplexed to say the least. 

After being stumbled-upon by a civilian and her dog, organisation staff were called in to assess the furry situation and figured out how the salty sea dog got so far from home.

Got a cute story tonight – this little guy was lost in a paddock at Bega & had to be rescued. Fur #seal long way from home @PRIME7SthCoast pic.twitter.com/M1PUrucnYC

— Natalie Forrest (@nat_forrest) November 29, 2016 Read more…

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Internet bands together to reunite this family with their lost camera



LONDON — A family’s selfie against the backdrop of a Scottish cliffside has gone viral.

However, as majestic as those cliffs are, it’s not the image itself that has caught the internet’s attention.

Rather, people are coming together to try and identify the faces in the picture so the family can be reunited with their camera. 

Twitter citizen Ruth Dawkins reports that the camera was discovered on the Isle of Skye, and shared an image from its memory in hopes that the family might be located.  

Anyone know these folk? A friend found their camera on the Isle of Skye & is trying to reunite thempic.twitter.com/n6bxGeyrch

— Ruth Dawkins (@dorkymum) November 23, 2016 Read more…

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