‘Kids introducing themselves’: An enthusiastic ’80s meme is taking over



A strange ’80s television moment is being launched into meme status, and like so many viral videos, it’s reached many’a procrastinating internet-dweller in record time.

In less than a week the high-kicking, unnervingly enthusiastic and a pastel-wearing kids from the first episode of U.K. kids show Emu’s Pink Windmill have become infamous for their hyper dancing and interesting fashion sense.

Catrina is way too excited IMO.

The fun really began on Oct. 28 when whoever tweets from @Turbo_Jimmy jumpstarted the engine of bizarre nostalgia, making a video of the video, by filming it on his computer screen. Read more…

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Romney dining with Trump is the ultimate real-life Jim Halpert



Way back in the spring, Mitt Romney called Donald Trump “a fraud” who “lacks the temperament to be president.” 

What a difference a couple of months makes. On Tuesday night, he was spotted at four-star restaurant Jean Georges in New York City having dinner with the president-elect. (On the menu: frog legs, scallops and sirloin.)

Romney is in the running to become Trump’s secretary of state. The awkwardness of having to dine with a man you once called “a phony” was written all over Romney’s face. 

In fact, it brings to mind a certain paper salesman who also had to endure the crude jokes of an oafish man who, somehow, found himself in a position of power.  Read more…

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Celebrity’s book ‘misunderstanding’ becomes Twitter meme



LONDON — When it comes to social media, celebrities are always just a throwaway sentence away from becoming a meme.

Following a recent decision in India to add the likes of Harry Potter and Tintin to the school syllabus, actress and UK Celebrity Big Brother winner Shilpa Shetty told The Times of India what she thought about the decision.

It was all going well until she mentioned Animal Farm.

Too good. According to Shilpa Shetty, Animal Farm teaches children to love animals! What a genius. Stolen from @joybhattacharj pic.twitter.com/sYhBbaB9pI

— Brown Sahiba (@Rajyasree) November 28, 2016 Read more…

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Daily Mail tweet about ‘Britain’s best looking couple’ instantly becomes meme



LONDON — If you ask the internet something, you might not always get the answer you were expecting.

The question “Is THIS Britain’s best looking couple?,” which was tweeted on Monday night by the Daily Mail‘s @Femail account alongside photos of a couple from Essex, is a classic example of this — they were probably expecting a “yes” or “no” type reply, but the whole thing quickly got a lot more… well unconventional.

Is THIS Britain’s best looking couple? Pair they claim they get stopped in the street for being so beautiful https://t.co/fyad2071q7 pic.twitter.com/yRpGIcMCan

— Daily Mail Femail (@Femail) November 28, 2016 Read more…

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