If Neil deGrasse Tyson ever puts out an album, the internet has cover art suggestions



Neil deGrasse Tyson makes no claims about his abilities as a singer and songwriter.

And yet when the internet’s favorite astrophysicist tweeted a photo of himself luxuriating in casual blue button-down, Twitter responded accordingly. 

If I had any singing talent and if I knew how to write love songs and if I recorded them, then this would be my album coverpic.twitter.com/N5PmbuwQVV

— Neil deGrasse Tyson (@neiltyson) November 30, 2016

Should Tyson abandon his field to pen a series of science-heavy love songs, the internet has a few solid cover art suggestions.

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Romney dining with Trump is the ultimate real-life Jim Halpert



Way back in the spring, Mitt Romney called Donald Trump “a fraud” who “lacks the temperament to be president.” 

What a difference a couple of months makes. On Tuesday night, he was spotted at four-star restaurant Jean Georges in New York City having dinner with the president-elect. (On the menu: frog legs, scallops and sirloin.)

Romney is in the running to become Trump’s secretary of state. The awkwardness of having to dine with a man you once called “a phony” was written all over Romney’s face. 

In fact, it brings to mind a certain paper salesman who also had to endure the crude jokes of an oafish man who, somehow, found himself in a position of power.  Read more…

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Babies crying in slow motion makes for an hilarious, nightmarish trend



Thanks to higher frame rates and simple video editing tools at our fingertips, anyone can turn the heartbreaking cry from a child into a hilarious sound.

While there are plenty of people that have found humor in a slowed down version of their child’s discomfort before, the trend kicked off again on Monday after someone submitted a clip of a stingray acting weird at an aquarium while using Snapchat’s slow motion feature. 

While the stingray was funny enough, there happened to be a baby wailing at the top of its lungs in the background, turning the clip into something straight out of a horror movie. Read more…

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A sexy Kenny G meme war is what the internet does best



Kenny G’s hands are for one thing and one thing only: playing his super seductive, smooth jazz sax.

On Saturday, the musician who is apparently still around and relevant tweeted this photo of him on his bike with the caption: “My hands are for one thing only: playing sax.”

Within seconds, a brief yet beautiful meme war began.

Here’s the initial tweet for reference/your long-term memory.

My hands are for one thing only: playing sax pic.twitter.com/ncuJJUBBAg

— Kenny G (@kennyg) November 26, 2016

Skilled tweeters then put their photoshop, captioning and *hands* to work. Read more…

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