Kristen Stewart is a terrible driver in the new Rolling Stones video


Kristen Stewart stars in the Rolling Stones’ new “Ride ‘Em On Down” video playing, well, Kristen Stewart.

The actress picks up a six pack and heads off on a joy ride in a muscle car in some sort of apocalyptic scenario where the only survivors are Kristen Stewart, some rough-looking dude in a cop car and a zebra. No shoes allowed. 

She drives recklessly, enjoys a lollipop and dances like no one’s watching. 

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Beyoncé’s ‘All Night’ video is finally on YouTube and couldn’t have come at a better time


If, perhaps, you need an easily accessible ray of hope in your life, Beyoncé has stepped up the the plate yet again.

She released the endlessly warm and fuzzy video for “All Night” off Lemonade on YouTube, so you no longer need Tidal to access some truly adorable footage of Blue Ivy and her parents.

The video also features tender moments from significantly less famous happy couples and guest appearances from some girls poised to run the world like Amandla Stenberg and Bey’s own mentees, Chloe x Halle.

Bey has previously released “Hold Up” and “Sorry” as standalone videos from the visual album. “All Night,” her fourth single off Lemonade, is getting traction just in time for all your sentimental holiday moments and Grammy consideration. As always, Beyoncé’s knows precisely what she’s doing  Read more…

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Nelly attempts to explain the iconic Excel spreadsheet texting in ‘Dilemma’


It’s been 14 years, and our intrigue has only increased with time.

Now, rapper Nelly has stepped forward to gallantly attempt an answer to one of the greatest questions of the ’00s — why the hell was Kelly Rowland texting via Excel spreadsheet in the video for “Dilemma?”

The appearance of a bizarre Microsoft Excel spreadsheet on Rowland’s Nokia Communicator phone in the 2002 video has remained one of the biggest mysteries of the turn of the century.

If you’re ever upset about your service, just remember Kelly Rowland once texted nelly in an excel spreadsheet

— Jake Lichtenfeld (@jbl7159) July 9, 2016 Read more…

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