That time Jaden Smith hid a Nike ad in his music video


Aspiring actor-singer-fashion model Jaden Smith is back again, this time with a full-length music video. But all it takes is about a minute to realize that the camera seems to be in love with Jaden’s brand spanking new, impossible for most to get Nike Mag self-lacing sneakers, the ones inspired by Back to the Future. And while few will ever lay hands on the shoes, it is a nicely timed video to drum up interest in Nike’s other self-lacing sneaker, the Nike HyperAdapt

But wait. Jaden likes to go deeper. Maybe it’s not just a product placement. What’s really going on here? 

Conspiracy theory mode: ON.  Read more…

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What it’s like to wear Nike’s HyperAdapt self-lacing sneakers


Even the most tech-averse will admit that they’d like to step, even if just briefly, into a shoe from the future. That’s what Nike is promising with its self-lacing sneakers that have leapt from Hollywood screens into reality.

Nike put the dream of self-lacing shoes into the minds of sci-fi and sneaker fans when Michael J. Fox donned a fictional pair in 1989’s Back to the Future Part II. By 2015, the year the movie is set, Nike had seemingly perfected the technology in real life, first announcing the Nike Air Mags, replicas of the sneakers Fox wears in the movie, and later the HyperAdapt — a self-lacing sneaker Nike intends to sell as an actual product. Read more…

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