David Beckham’s tattoos turned into animated illustrations for an important reason



LONDON — David Beckham’s tattoos have been transformed into powerful animations in a film highlighting the lasting impact of physical and psychological child abuse. 

The film — released by children’s charity UNICEF — shows the footballer’s tattoos coming to life in shocking scenes depicting physical and psychological abuse. 

The first animated tattoo in the film features the words “violence marks forever” wrapped around a heart, while another shot shows a tattoo of an angel with tears rolling down its face

The other animated tattoos in the film depict traumatic scenes in which children are being assaulted and verbally abused.  Read more…

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Mom has magical excuse after kid misses school for Wizarding World of Harry Potter



Sometimes as a kid you need to miss school to do more important things, like visit The Wizarding World of Harry Potter.

After missing just three days of school to attend an extremely important theme park, this kid was placed on a student attendance behavioral improvement plan, because the world is cruel and school is the worst.

The boy’s mother was forced to fill out some annoying paperwork after the absence, so she decided to use some magical words to get her kid off the hook from any wrong doing. 

In the form the mother explains that her child missed school because he was attending the theme park, and when asked for specifics, she replies, “student was learning defense against the dark arts.” Read more…

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Mum leaves the room for one minute and all hell breaks loose



If you leave children unattended for even a moment they’re bound to get into something.

The mum in this clip left her kids for the time it took her to put in her contacts, which was clearly more than enough. When she returned she found both her kids completely covered in Sudocrem, an antiseptic ointment.

The mum says that it took her all day and multiple baths to get all the cream off, but adds “they’ve not had a nappy rash since.” 

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Another day, another baby with an inconceivably full head of hair



LONDON — Remember Baby Bear, the Irish tot with a glorious mane of luscious locks?  

Well, there’s a new hairy child in town. 

Her name is Alexandra and, at just 2-months-old, she has a head of hair that is sure to win the internet’s heart like the bouffanted babes that have come before her. 

Reddit user brngrhm84 uploaded this image of his baby girl, and it has since gone viral because HOLY COW that’s a lot of hair:

Let the photoshop battles begin.

  Read more…

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Father’s search for autistic son’s cup completed thanks to the kindness of the internet



Earlier this month, one caring dad launched a worldwide search on Twitter for a particular sippy cup that has not been produced in 10 years. 

Marc Carter, 42, a dad and full-time caretaker for three children located in Devon, England, said the sippy cup is the only thing his 14-year-old autistic son Ben will drink out of, and his only one was falling apart. Without the cup, according to Carter, Ben would not drink, and he could get severely dehydrated and ill.

After receiving dozens of cups from kindhearted folks all over the world, the cup’s original manufacturer, Tommee Tippee, dug up their old manufacturing plans and are going to make a special batch of 500 cups just for Ben. Read more…

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Babies crying in slow motion makes for an hilarious, nightmarish trend



Thanks to higher frame rates and simple video editing tools at our fingertips, anyone can turn the heartbreaking cry from a child into a hilarious sound.

While there are plenty of people that have found humor in a slowed down version of their child’s discomfort before, the trend kicked off again on Monday after someone submitted a clip of a stingray acting weird at an aquarium while using Snapchat’s slow motion feature. 

While the stingray was funny enough, there happened to be a baby wailing at the top of its lungs in the background, turning the clip into something straight out of a horror movie. Read more…

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