‘Rocket League’ has a new space arena and more customizations



The only thing better than playing soccer with rocket-powered cars is doing it in outer space.

Rocket League‘s Wednesday update, dubbed Starbase ARC, introduces a handful of cool new features: a free space-themed arena, a DLC space-themed car, new items (both holiday-themed and not), arena preferences for matchmaking, a custom level uploader, customizable training, some redesigns for older content and color blind accessibility. 

That’s a lot of stuff, so let’s break it down.

Starbase ARC arena and car

The Starbase ARC arena isn’t just an awesome looking arena, it’s a completely new kind of map entering the competitive and casual playlists. The arena is octagonal instead of rectangular — just like the octagon map from the Rocket Labs playlist — so the field won’t be exactly what most players are used to.  Read more…

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