Meet the woman whose found a way to keep the homeless warm and employed


Veronika Scott founded ‘The Empowerment Plan’ after a college class asked her to create something that would help her community. She designed a coat that transforms into a sleeping bag, specifically to keep the homeless warm at night.  Read more…

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16 incredible gifts that give back this holiday season


Don’t let the stress of the holiday shopping season get you down this year — there’s plenty of good to go around.

Various companies are giving their products a true philanthropic edge, appealing to consumers who want to give gifts and give back at the same time.

These quality gifts take on the world’s biggest inequalities and most noticeable causes — and all without causewashing. If that doesn’t get you in the holiday spirit, nothing will.

These 16 gifts will help you make a difference this holiday season. To find more options for those on your holiday list, check out our gift guides from past years for more stellar gifts that give back.  Read more…

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