These photogenic breakfast creations are way too pretty to eat


Weekend baker Song Rattanakosate is winning new fans on Instagram every day, thanks to her adorable morning creations.

The 28-year-old Thai interior designer, who has been posting cute dishes as @songsweetsong on Instagram, where she now has 165,000 followers and counting.

She told Mashable she started baking to take her mind off studies when she was at Thammasat University.

“Every time I got stressed or ran out of creative ideas, I would bake. It was during the baking process that I’d often find the solutions to my school work,” she said. Read more…

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Your favorite works of art, now in frosted cake form


Emily Zauzmer has an unusual hobby. 

When college breaks roll around, the 20-year-old Harvard University junior carves out time to create a highly detailed cake recreation of a classic painting. Then she posts photos of the finished product to her Instagram account, cleverly titled @girlwithapearlicing.

Zauzmer’s cakes can take anywhere between 12 hours and four days to complete, during which she spends long stretches of time on her feet, bent over her piece. 

So, why does she do it? She tells Mashable via phone: “I really look forward to it, because, with school there’s so much work at all times, and it’s so much fun that I give myself several days where I just focus on making a cake. It’s a great way to unwind.” Read more…

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Dad texts daughter all the reasons why he loves her mom, has the internet sobbing


Cuffing season is upon us, and with it a desire for a love so pure that it can outlast anything (or, at the very least, four solid months indoors). 

So it makes sense that the internet is in tears over a tweet from Twitter user @sydnyy_, who shared a series of text messages from her father regarding his 27-year marriage to her mother.

I’m writing an essay about my parents and hearing this from my dad about my mom made me cry. 27 years of

— sydney (@sydnyy_) December 5, 2016

Sydney’s father details the sweet story of his engagement, the challenges of working while raising a young family and his present-day feelings about her mother, 27 years later.  Read more…

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Mom has magical excuse after kid misses school for Wizarding World of Harry Potter


Sometimes as a kid you need to miss school to do more important things, like visit The Wizarding World of Harry Potter.

After missing just three days of school to attend an extremely important theme park, this kid was placed on a student attendance behavioral improvement plan, because the world is cruel and school is the worst.

The boy’s mother was forced to fill out some annoying paperwork after the absence, so she decided to use some magical words to get her kid off the hook from any wrong doing. 

In the form the mother explains that her child missed school because he was attending the theme park, and when asked for specifics, she replies, “student was learning defense against the dark arts.” Read more…

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Rascally stranger returns a long lost ID, complete with a devious explanation


It’s pretty rare for a lost driver license to turn up a year after it goes missing.

However, Christina Egan experienced such fortune thanks to a mysterious and hilarious 21-year-old.

Egan, a recent graduate of Columbia University, shared a photo on Facebook yesterday of a cheeky thank you note and her old ID that she received in the mail.

“Found this on the floor of a bar about a year ago, hope you don’t mind I used it for awhile. But – now I’m 21 so you can have it back! Thanks 😊 ❤️,” the note read.

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Single guy’s romantic holiday photo is actually a hilarious goof


Being #ForeverAlone can be even harder around the holidays – couples are constantly kissing under mistletoe, holding hands while ice skating, and worst of all, sharing their romantic holiday cards all over the internet.

So, John Olmstead, 22, from Mattoon, Illinois, decided to poke fun at a certain holiday card trope in a pretty genius way.

Firstly, here’s the thumbnail of Olmstead’s photo, which seems to be a partial shot of a man and a woman in a casual embrace in front of Christmas presents.

Then, we zoom out to the surprising full shot. Read more…

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25 gifts for people who treat their dogs like children


We all have that one friend.

She’s the one whose Instagram account doubles as a modeling portfolio for her great dane. He’s the one who considers himself a doting father to his bearded collie. When you meet her for coffee, she pulls out her phone and shows you sweet photos of her dachshund splayed out across her pillow.

These are the canine, people-approved gifts they’ll all want this year.

1Instagramable emoji squeaky toys

Image: Barkshop

Price: From $30.00

2A canvas pet tote

Image: barkshop

Price: From $160.00 Read more…

3A dog-bowl water bottle

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If Neil deGrasse Tyson ever puts out an album, the internet has cover art suggestions


Neil deGrasse Tyson makes no claims about his abilities as a singer and songwriter.

And yet when the internet’s favorite astrophysicist tweeted a photo of himself luxuriating in casual blue button-down, Twitter responded accordingly. 

If I had any singing talent and if I knew how to write love songs and if I recorded them, then this would be my album

— Neil deGrasse Tyson (@neiltyson) November 30, 2016

Should Tyson abandon his field to pen a series of science-heavy love songs, the internet has a few solid cover art suggestions.

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Pop-Tarts unveils Dunkin’ Donuts flavor collaboration


You could drag yourself out of bed 10 minutes early, rush through your morning routine and sprint out the door to grab coffee before work. 

Or you could just toast one of these Dunkin’ Donuts coffee-flavored Pop-Tarts and get on with your day. On Thursday, Kellogg’s unveiled a limited edition collaboration with the coffee retailer.

Available in Frosted Chocolate Mocha and Frosted Vanilla Latte, Pop-Tarts’ latest product blends the choice breakfast of our youth with the cups of coffee we’ve come to rely on in adulthood. 

The new flavors hit grocery store shelves nationwide this month and will retail for $2.59 a box.  Read more…

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This mom created her own version of the Evil Kermit meme


Mothers are more perceptive to trends than their kids give them credit for — especially this mom, who memed herself for her kid’s entertainment.

When Twitter user @Tayhannon went out for the night, her mom appropriately created her own version of the Evil Kermit meme after she had left. 

I told my mom I went out and she deadass made a meme of

— tunechi tay 🕸 (@Tayhannon) November 29, 2016

Evil Kermit emerged as the meme to showcase one’s innermost terrible thoughts and quickly became a rising trend. The original post began with Twitter user Anya, who used Evil Kermit to express her sentiments when she saw a fluffy dog.  Read more…

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