Super dangerous Brazilian motorcycle chase is something out of an action film


Apparently action movies aren’t all that unrealistic. 

An alleged thief armed with a motorcycle as a getaway vehicle attempted to evade police capture with some reckless driving through the streets of São Paulo, Brazil. Unfortunately for the robber, the cops had a motorcycle of their own.

Warning: This video is loud.

The two blaze through the streets of São Paulo, often going the wrong way until the suspect tests his luck one too many times by going through a red light at an intersection. 

Thankfully, it seems as if nobody was seriously injured in the ordeal. Read more…

BONUS: Police officer rescues unconscious driver in out-of-control car

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America’s 8 most wanted household pets and barnyard animals


For far too long, fluffy pets and barnyard animals have thought they were above the law — and now they’re suffering the consequences.

Even though crime is at a historic low in the United States (despite, cough cough, inflammatory reports to the contrary), some animals have escaped the claws of justice. They thought their frighteningly adorable googly eyes and crushingly soft manes meant they could live life above the law.

That time is over.

There’s a new sheriff in town, and that sheriff is your local police officer, forced to pick up a drunk pig on their way home from work. Read more…

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Police tried to a capture mountain lion on camera, but it got real weird instead


There are some people with too much free time out there, but we’re thankful for it.

The folks at the Gardner Police Department in Kansas were only trying to help local residents with finding a suspected mountain lion that had been spotted in the area, according to its Facebook post on Monday.

So it deployed two trail cameras to help detect the dangerous animal, in which it was fortunate to not find any in the images taken. 

Instead, an image showing different kind of wild life showed up:


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Guy mistakes jellyfish for a fake breast, hands it in to confused police


Mistaken identity is a helluva thing, particularly when it comes to gelatinous blobs.

One Australian man has clearly been reading too many true crime novels, because last Friday, he mistook a washed-up jellyfish for something more sinister — a rogue breast implant. The concerned citizen even took his discovery to local police on the Sunshine Coast.

The embarrassment started when police at Maroochydore station politely informed the man that the damning evidence he had handed over was in fact the corpse of a jellyfish. Although not until they had bagged and tagged the “evidence” first. Read more…

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This cop cannot help busting some sick moves when the beat drops at a festival


If social media has taught us anything in the last few years, it’s that some cops in Australia and New Zealand just love dancing.

It’s a real addiction. Take this policeman, who simply wants to cut sick shapes with recent high school graduates at a festival.

The yet-to-be-named officer was seen “muzzing” (as the youth call it) at Dunsbourough Leavers Zone in Western Australia, where local DJ Harley Anning caught him on video and put it on Facebook.

“He was just having a good time, and hyping everyone — it was great,” Anning told WA TodayRead more…

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