This robotic spoon is changing the lives of people with limited mobility


The ‘Liftware Level’ has built-in sensors that can assist those who suffer from limited hand flexibility

The device is especially helpful for the handicapped or those who are experiencing post-stroke deficits.           Read more…

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These hanging light sculptures bloom like flowers


Shylight‘ is a light sculpture made up of individual elements that unfold and retreat from the ceiling, mimicking the rhythmic movement of flowers to light. 

The beautiful kinetic sculpture was designed by Studio Drift and it took five years of research.  Read more…

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Meet the woman whose found a way to keep the homeless warm and employed


Veronika Scott founded ‘The Empowerment Plan’ after a college class asked her to create something that would help her community. She designed a coat that transforms into a sleeping bag, specifically to keep the homeless warm at night.  Read more…

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