Latest ‘League of Legends’ patch brings buffs, nerfs and winter skins


The latest League of Legends patch was released Tuesday, bringing a bunch of changes to champions, kicking off the 2017 competitive season and teasing some upcoming winter skins.

The patch notes for the 6.24 update was released Tuesday, listing all of the changes and explaining the reasons behind them, from visual tweaks to minor ability calibrations to jungle fixes — all of which work toward fulfilling Riot’s 2017 preseason plans

Most of the updates were implemented into the game Tuesday, but some new features — like the champion Camille and winter skins — are still to come.

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Breaking down the 2017 ‘League of Legends’ changes and the reasons behind them


Change can be hard, especially when you don’t know why it’s happening.

A ton of changes have happened and still are coming to League of Legends before the 2017 season kicks off, and game design lead Greg Street broke them all down for Mashable — from the competitive implications of new jungle plants to the reasons behind the return of solo queue.

Game-changing plants

The biggest update coming to League of Legends is the interactive plants. Plants — revealed in October — are randomly spawning flora that do things like heal champions, give vision and blast players over walls when hit. Read more…

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