10 reasons why Donald Trump is actually King John from Robin Hood



LONDON — What could Donald Trump possibly have in common with a 13th century English King from a cartoon? More than you might think.

Some uncanny similarities between the President-elect and King John from the 1973 Disney classic Robin Hood were highlighted on Twitter by Tyler Huckabee 

Behold this glorious Twitter thread

I have had an incredible revelation which I must share with you. Forgive the thread, but this discovery warrants it…

— St. Tyler Hollyberry (@TylerHuckabee) November 29, 2016

Donald Trump is literally Prince John from Disney’s 1973 animated classic, Robin Hoodpic.twitter.com/Q7NSOwQvsY

— St. Tyler Hollyberry (@TylerHuckabee) November 29, 2016 Read more…

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