Genius builds robot that communicates in GIFs


Sometimes it may feel like only GIFs truly understand you. Well now you can make a bot that will always catch your drift.

A user on Imgur by the name of Shekit, created a custom robot that can respond to your voice with GIFs.

Peeqo, the name of this GIF-tastic bot, is truly a marvelous hybrid of design and code — and while its inventor writes that creating him was a “complex build,” all of Peeqo’s materials are easily available online.  

In Shekit’s words, “Peeqo is a personal desktop robotic assistant who expresses himself through GIFs. Think of him as the love child of Amazon Echo and a Disney character. He has a conversational UI, so he responds to voice commands but answers only through GIFs.”  Read more…

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Atlas humanoid robot can now tiptoe over rubble to track down wayward humans


In this latest episode of How We’re Making Robots That Will Be Able to Hunt You Down Wherever You Go, our old friend the Atlas humanoid robot has learned a scary new trick: walking over pretty much any unexpected obstacle. 

We’ve seen the Atlas show off its walking and balancing skills before, but in this new demonstration it navigates its way over random, unknown objects of varying sizes. You know, kinda like building rubble a human might hide under after Skynet has already laid waste to the city. 

The important aspect of this demo is the fact that Atlas had no preexisting knowledge of the terrain, so it isn’t simply walking a set course, it’s actually figuring out how to handle new, foreign objects in its path and adjusting its weight and balance with each step much like a human would.  Read more…

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Teen students design a robot that can successfully flip a water bottle


Bottle flips will never get old in the eyes of those most important to popular culture — teenagers.

Somers High School Technology Education students designed, constructed and programmed a robot to flip a water bottle – and they’re shocked to see it work.

Check out their technical handiwork above.

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