Never-before-seen photos capture the wild audience at a 1970 Bowie performance


Image: Tom Busby/The Roundhouse

In March 1970, London music venue The Roundhouse (a one-time railroad structure celebrating its 50th anniversary this year) held what they billed as “Seven Nights of Celebration” in a “Living Theatre Environment.”

The weeklong festival, “Atomic Sunrise,” was a collaboration between regular performers at the venue’s Sunday Implosion gigs and The Living Theatre, a radical experimental theatre company.

While the Living Theatre performers moved among the dancing and reveling audience, a succession of bands played onstage, including Genesis and David Bowie with one of his early bands, The Hype. Read more…

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Kristen Stewart is a terrible driver in the new Rolling Stones video


Kristen Stewart stars in the Rolling Stones’ new “Ride ‘Em On Down” video playing, well, Kristen Stewart.

The actress picks up a six pack and heads off on a joy ride in a muscle car in some sort of apocalyptic scenario where the only survivors are Kristen Stewart, some rough-looking dude in a cop car and a zebra. No shoes allowed. 

She drives recklessly, enjoys a lollipop and dances like no one’s watching. 

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