Stunning Instagrams capture woman’s 4,500 mile flight as human swan


On a lightweight wing and possibly a few prayers, Sacha Dench gracefully glided over Dover’s white cliffs Monday, becoming the first woman to cross the English Channel in a paramotor. 

It was a remarkable feat and just the latest leg in a Herculean effort that’s seen the British conservationist fly from the icy Russian tundra to British soil, tracing the migratory route of the Bewick’s swan.

Dench’s journey, which will end in Gloucestershire in the south west of England after she delivers a petition to Downing Street to lobby for swan conservation, has seen her travel some 7,000 km over 11 countries. Its goal: to see first hand the challenges these beautiful, dwindling birds face as they make their epic annual journey west — and to educate some of the communities they encounter on the way. Read more…

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