Covers for TIME Magazine Special Series Shot Entirely on iPhone

The iPhone offers a high-quality camera that Apple improves with every iteration, and the photos and videos that it takes have been used for fashion runways, feature films, and other professional applications.

TIME Magazine is the latest publication to exclusively use the iPhone's camera for a photo shoot, with its new "Firsts: Women Who Are Changing The World" series, which features iPhone images captured by Brazilian photographer Luisa Dörr.

Over the course of the last year, Dörr has used an iPhone 5, iPhone 6, iPhone 6s, and iPhone 7 to capture photos of notable and accomplished women like Hillary Clinton, Oprah Winfrey, Melinda Gates, Sylvia Earle, Alice Waters, Mae Jemison, Cindy Sherman, and more.

In a TIME interview, Dörr says she uses an iPhone because it offers great pictures anytime, anywhere, and it because "feels less intrusive" to the subject when the photo is captured with an iPhone instead of a standard camera. Dörr's images are unique because she uses only natural light and sometimes a reflector to capture women who are often photographed with more lighting and production equipment.
I like the simplicity of how these pictures are made. But the best part is that as a photographer, you feel extremely light and free. It is almost as if I can make pictures with my hand. There's no noise, gadgets, tools or plugs--just the subject and myself.

I was always trying to imagine these portraits as paintings. I'm fascinated by the landscapes and topographies from women's faces, their stories and context. I'm interested in the way life and time is writing on all of them--not just with physical marks but also with more spiritual traces.
Dörr says the women she photographed were "surprised" to be the subject of a photoshoot with an iPhone and no other equipment, and that oftentimes, she did her work in just minutes. The shortest shoot was two minutes and the longest shoot lasted 20 minutes.

Each portrait was captured using the regular iPhone camera with the square format, and automatic HDR was turned on for more lighting detail in the photographs.

Dörr's full interview can be read over at TIME, as can an accompanying piece on how TIME Director of Photography Kira Pollack discovered Dörr and recruited her to work on the project.

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Apple Joins Instagram to Share ‘Shot on iPhone’ Photos From Users Around the World

Apple has officially joined Instagram.

The company opened the followable account @Apple today that will exclusively feature curated photos and videos from iPhone users around the world, according to Mashable. The report said Apple won't share any ads or marketing on the account, which has already quickly amassed thousands of followers.

Apple's presence on Instagram had been limited to ads, without a followable account, and an @AppleMusic account. Apple has traditionally shied away from social networks, with blank accounts on Facebook and Twitter that, for now, exist to serve ads. The company also runs @AppleSupport on Twitter.

Apple tells Instagram followers to use the hashtag #ShotoniPhone for a chance to have their photos and videos shared in one of the galleries.

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Apple’s ‘One Night on iPhone 7’ Ad Campaign on Display in 25 Countries Starting Today

Apple has introduced a new "Shot on iPhone" campaign called "One Night on iPhone 7" that will be on display in 25 countries starting today.

Jennifer Bin sought to show a different perspective of Shanghai

Apple enlisted a group of photographers to capture nighttime photos from dawn to dusk to showcase the low-light capabilities of the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus cameras. The photographers traveled around the world, ranging from the clubs of Johannesburg in South Africa to the rooftops of Shanghai in China.
Some of the photographers tackled extreme climates in search of the perfect shot. Chicago-based photographer Reuben Wu ventured to Java, Indonesia to photograph the 130 active volcanoes, using an iPhone 7 attached to a drone to capture breathtaking views of Gunung Karang’s lava flow after dark. Ruairidh McGlynn traveled to Iceland to photograph the foreboding terrain of the Arctic, traveling overnight by dog sled.
The photos will presumably be displayed on billboards and other advertising mediums in a number of cities around the world.

A collection of seven photos in the campaign can be downloaded from the Apple Newsroom.

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iPhone 7 Photos Highlight New Year’s Eve Festivities Around the World

Apple partnered with 15 photographers in a number of countries around the world to capture New Year's Eve festivities with photos taken on iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus devices, according to CNN.

The photos range from Samah El Ali's shot of the iconic Sydney Harbour Bridge fireworks from The Royal Botanic Gardens in Australia to John Lehmann's shot of festivities in Vancouver on Canada's west coast.

Katja Sherlock captured one of the first photos of the 2017 sign in Times Square after the ball drop in New York, while other photographers captured fireworks and sights in Japan, Singapore, Hong Kong, China, Taiwan, India, Austria, Italy, Iceland, Mexico, and the United Arab Emirates.

Photo Gallery at CNN: What New Year's Eve celebrations look like around the world

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