WiFi for every room: Tour the WiFi-enabled house of the future



The “smart home” is becoming a reality. We’re starting to see the launch and adoption of countless types of Wi-Fi-enabled devices that previously had no digital value or function. It’s only a matter of time before the entirety of our homes are stitched together through the same Internet connection, making the bandwidth and coverage of your Wi-Fi more important than it’s ever been. 

The term “smart home” is somewhat vague, and open to multiple interpretations, as there is no single industry standard for how smart home technology is developed or how it’s defined. Instead, colloquially, a smart home is a home with at least a handful of Wi-Fi enabled devices that offer digital menus, advanced features, and other high-tech upgrades for otherwise common appliances and functions. So what types of appliances are currently enjoying these features?  Read more…

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The LingLong DingDong is a Chinese-speaking Amazon Echo



If you’re deciding between the Amazon Echo and the Google Home, there’s a new contender: the DingDong, from Chinese manufacturer LingLong.

Its latest digital home assistant model, the A3, looks pretty similar to the Echo — it’s a cylindrical speaker that will respond to users asking for information such as the weather or their schedule. 

It can play music, or help you take notes and control your home appliances — pretty much whatever internet-connected system it can talk to.

And in typical Chinese fashion, it’s priced very competitively at 698 yuan ($100), while adding new features like portability — it’s able to play up to eight hours of music on the go. Read more…

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