Spectacles Snapbot lands at Six Flags Magic Mountain, California



Behold: Yet another Spectacles-selling Snapbot has appeared. The latest Snapbot to show up finds itself in a pitch-perfect place to rip the Spectacles you buy from its loins right out of their packaging, for immediate use: California’s Six Flags, Magic Mountain. 

In recent weeks, Snap’s Bluetooth-connected camera glasses have been trickling out everywhere from Venice Beach, to New York to Florida, with each release drawing tons of interest, as evidenced by the lines of people that quickly form once a new Snapbot is revealed. 

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Snapchat drops another Spectacles vending machine



Congratulations, California. You now have yet another chance at getting Snap’s coveted video-camera sunglasses Spectacles.

The Snapbot, an interactive vending machine, has appeared in downtown Los Angeles, the company revealed Thursday afternoon. 

The location is inside Skyspace LA, an open-air observation deck in the U.S. Bank Tower that features a glass slide on the exterior of the building nearly 1,000 feet up.

You can’t hold your phone or a GoPro while on the slide — unless it’s strapped on — but apparently you can wear Spectacles. Read more…

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Snapchat’s Spectacles drops a new Snapbot in Los Angeles



As the holiday season continues, Snap Inc. is continuing to roll out Spectacles to eager shoppers, and the latest Snapbot vending machine has just arrived. 

This one is smack dab in the middle of Los Angeles, not far from Beverly Hills. 


— Spectacles (@Spectacles) November 28, 2016

Revealed using a giant, very Christmas-like gift box, the Snapbot is now operational and doling out Spectacles

One you find a Snapbot, anyone willing to pay the $129 price for the Bluetooth face camera can snag one, letting you take Snapchat to the next level.   Read more…

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