Scotsman is just a wee bit excited to finally find some Irn-Bru in Australia


It can be a real pain to find Scotland’s finest non-alcoholic beverage export, Irn-Bru, in Australia. Or anywhere outside of the U.K. for that matter.

So this video by a YouTuber only known as Shoot2Thrill has summed up many a Scotsman’s reaction upon finding the drink somewhere else across the globe. 

Warning: Excitable course language ahead.

“I don’t think I’ve been this happy my whole entire life. I’m actually getting emotional about it,” he said. 

“I just went to the supermarket and I FOUND F*CKING IRN-BRU. OHHHHH. GET IN MY F*CKING BELLY.”

In case you hadn’t figured out, Irn-Bru is essentially the lifeblood of Scotland, long tussling with Coca-Cola as the most popular soft drink around. Read more…

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