‘Rogue One’ director talks reshoots: ‘Star Wars has to be fantastic’



To some Star Wars fans, reports that the upcoming movie Rogue One was spending weeks reshooting some scenes this summer was cause for consternation. 

But Rogue One director Gareth Edwards has news for those fans — that’s how movies work. Reshoots make them better. And that goes double for a Star Wars movie.

“With a lot of films you go ‘that’s good,’ and walk away,” Edwards told Mashable. “But Star Wars has to be fantastic. So you shouldn’t let go of the camera, or the edit suite, until they [pry] it out of your hands.” Read more…

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Everything you wanted to know about ‘Rogue One’ but were afraid to ask



To understand ‘Rogue One’ takes exactly one minute. 

I’m not being metaphorical; all you really need to do to get what this film is about is watch (or, more likely, rewatch) the first minute of the most popular space movie in history. 

Ready? Let’s do it, 1977 style. 

To save time, skip the Princess Leia paragraph. Focus on the first two: there’s a great civil war underway, a long time ago in a galaxy far, far away. It’s The Rebels vs. The Galactic Empire — which, in case there were any doubt, is evil.”

The scrappy little Rebels win a battle for the first time. Evidently this battle’s main objective was to help a heroic team of spies steal the plans to a scary “ultimate” weapon called the Death Star, which is the same size as a moon but isn’t one. The Death Star can destroy worlds. Read more…

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