Amsterdam’s night mayor has an alternative for Sydney’s lockout laws


Amsterdam and Sydney are polar opposites when it comes to nightlife.

While the Dutch capital contains numerous clubs with 24-hour licenses, Australia’s largest city has operated strict lockout laws since 2014.

Patrons are forbidden from entering licensed venues located in Sydney’s city centre after 1:30 a.m., and alcohol service is cut at 3 a.m. on the dot, due to concerns about alcohol-fuelled violence.

It’s a measure which “doesn’t make sense” to Amsterdam’s Night Mayor, Mirik Milan, who spoke to the ABC.

“I think [lockout laws] will not work because, probably, what the State Government wants is behavioural change, and you don’t get behavioural change from blaming it on the operators,” he told the news outlet.  Read more…

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Hyped cinema staff can’t resist a ‘Rogue One’ Mannequin Challenge


Most #MannequinChallenge videos want to draw your attention to something. A good cause, or your dog’s ingenuity, perhaps. 

Rogue One: A Star Wars Story on the other hand, doesn’t need much help publicity-wise. But that won’t stop the Australians from standing completely still, while Rae Sremmurd plays in the background. Nothing will.

Event Cinemas, George Street in Sydney has played host to a Star Wars-themed #MannequinChallenge that sees storm troopers, Yoda, and an Australian flag-emblazoned Darth Vadar frozen in time, battling hapless humans.

Hey, at least this installation injects a healthy amount of pop culture into the endless trend. Read more…

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Strangers step in front of spinning car to try rescuing passed out driver


It’s the stuff of nightmares, really. And if it happened to you, you’d want these nice strangers around.

Footage from Sydney, Australia on Monday has captured the moment a man’s car spiralled out of control on a major road in the city’s west. After allegedly collapsing at the wheel, the man’s foot seemed to remain on the accelerator, causing it to spin. 

Other drivers responded by getting out of their car and lending support — trying to stop the swirling four wheel drive.

In video obtained of the incident by 7 News, at least two fellow motorists can be seen trying to pry open the driver’s door of the moving vehicle, with the driver inside. Read more…

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