‘The Bachelor’ just announced a ‘dramatic’ line of signature wines



Are you ready to accept this rosé?

The Bachelor is rolling out a signature collection of wines to hold fans over until new bachelor (and infamous former contestant) Nick Viall’s season airs on Jan. 2.

The product was announced on its brand new website:

“Announcing The Bachelor Wine Collection, your connection to the award-winning television phenomenon,” the site reads. “These amazing wines were created to capture the excitement, romance and incredible passion viewers have for The Bachelor and Bachelorette.

The site then goes on to appropriately describe the wines as “dramatic” (but are they the most dramatic yet?), and “crafted to take you on your own romantic journey as you experience every moment of love, every moment of heartbreak that is The Bachelor. Read more…

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Election, Olympics and Pokemon top the year’s Twitter trends



History will remember — or choose to forget — a lot about 2016, and much of that will live forever archived on Twitter. 

The top trends of the year ranged from the Olympics to Game of Thrones, covering everything in between from the Brexit to #BlackLivesMatter. Celebrities, movies, GIFs and challenges paint a picture of the 2016 in danger of drowning but looking firmly in the other direction.

Here are Twitter’s top 10 trending topics in 2016:

  1. #Rio2016

  2. #Election2016

  3. #PokemonGo

  4. #Euro2016

  5. #Oscars

  6. #Brexit

  7. #Blacklivesmatter

  8. #Trump

  9. #RIP

  10. #GameofThrones Read more…

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Here’s a missing ‘Westworld’ scene we wrote to fill in the show’s biggest plot hole



This piece contains spoilers for Westworld, up to and including episode 10.

Westworld‘s first season came to a close, tying together several loops, loose ends and unanswered questions.

Viewers finally learned that William and the Man in Black are in fact the same person, which has been theorized since episode 2. However, having seen William’s transformation from hero to psychopath, we have to wonder what exactly happened when he and Logan went home after their visit.

Yes, Logan’s fate in episode 10 was left undefined — William sends his future brother-in-law off into the sunset, naked and bound on top of a horse — but since Logan was last seen alive onscreen and the fact that William explained his business plans to him, we have to imagine Logan makes it out of Westworld alive. In which case, what the hell did his father and sister think about William’s time in the park? Read more…

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‘Luke Cage’ second season on its way from Netflix



Christmas just got a little sweeter. 

Netflix revealed Sunday via Twitter that Marvel’s Luke Cage is definitely coming back for a second season…we just don’t know when.

The 13-episode first season of Luke Cage follows the bulletproof hero of the Harlem streets as he learns more about his past and his powers. 

It’s also the most we’ve seen so far in a Marvel show of Claire Temple (Rosario Dawson), who appears in Daredevil and Jessica Jones — both of which are due for new seasons in the coming year, along with The Defenders, which will unite Netflix’s greatest heroes in an epic team up. Read more…

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The 8 Netflix features we desperately need in our lives



Netflix finally did it.

On Tuesday, the beloved streaming service debuted the feature we’ve all been waiting years for. Subscribers can now download certain movies and TV shows to watch later, without an internet connection.

While binge-watchers everywhere are celebrating this game-changing opportunity to view Westworld on a flight to Cuba or while walking the dog, there are still some features Netflix is missing. 

Here are some suggestions on the features Netflix can roll out to make our streaming experiences even more enjoyable, because it’s 2016 and streaming is life.  Read more…

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Netflix newbie ‘Brown Nation’ is the off-kilter Indian sitcom that’s truly authentic



Holiday quality time with the family can be stressful even at the best of times, and TV has always been a welcome escape. Finding something everyone can watch is its own anxiety, but it’s more than likely I’m going to spend Thanksgiving watching — ahem, re-watching — Brown Nation with my parents.

Released Nov. 18 on Netflix, Brown Nation centers on Hasmukh (Rajeev Varma) and Dimple (Shenaz Treasurywala), a married couple living in Queens with Dimple’s eccentric father (Kapil Bawa). While his wife chases dreams of artistry and stardom, Hasmukh runs a small startup and often gets roped into questionable side projects with his friend Hyder (Remy Munasifi). Read more…

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The ‘Gilmore Girls’ revival is here, and so are the dramatic responses from fans



Netflix’s Gilmore Girls revival has barely been out in the world for a day, but fans are already in the throes of visceral reactions. 

Whether you’ve binged it all and are only awake now because of all the coffee — or you’re waiting, for some inexplicable reason, you will feel all these reactions on a deep, spiritual level. Below are some spoiler-free Gilmore teasers to lure you back to Stars Hollow.


— Aparna Nancherla (@aparnapkin) November 25, 2016

Hard day for anyone watching the Gilmore Girls revival and having their first realization that time passes.

— Mark Harris (@MarkHarrisNYC) November 25, 2016 Read more…

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10 things to binge this holiday weekend



As Marie Antoinette once famously said, “Let them binge all the things.” 

Thanksgiving is a time for eating until you can scarcely stomach another bite, shopping until you quite literally drop, and consuming all the TV, movies and other media available before Monday rears its ugly head.

That’s a lot of pressure for just a few days, so let’s get cracking.

The Crown

Whether or not you devoured this immediately after its Nov. 4 release, the world has changed significantly since that weekend. Escape American politics by immersing yourself in the goings-on of the British monarchy, and revel in the days when a leader accidentally yelling was more scandalous than one saying … well, literally anything. Read more…

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‘Gilmore Girls’: Taylor Swift songs are all about Dean, Jess and Logan



They tell all young artists one thing: Write what you know. In the early days, teen Taylor Swift had little experience with heartbreak, which would become the basis of most of her musical work. She drew inspiration in the beginning from fiction and film.

And, perhaps, early aughts dramedies about a mother and daughter duo?

Swift’s songs are supposed to be universal, but sometimes they hit too close to home — especially if you’re Rory Gilmore. Rory is another young ingenue, inexperienced in matters of love and swept off her feet by one dashing, flawed suitor after another and her romantic path mirrors Swift’s too closely for comfort.  Read more…

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How to survive 4 Thanksgivings, as taught by ‘Gilmore Girls’



This is what we’ve been training for our whole lives: pre-gaming the long-awaited return of Gilmore Girls with copious amounts of Thanksgiving food.

Since Thanksgiving falls on the eve of the most anticipated Netflix revival of the year — Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life it only seems right that we take a moment to praise and learn from the two most talented eaters in our lives, Lorelai and Rory.

If you’ve accidentally committed to FOUR Thanksgiving dinners this year like our favorite Stars Hollow girls, or are just particularly nervous about being in a room with your family members for more than 20 minutes, we’ve got you covered. Read more…

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