‘This Is Us’ leaves us with a Christmas cliffhanger



This recap contains spoilers for This Is Us Season 1, episode 10, titled “The Last Christmas.” To refresh your memory with where we left off, check out our recap of episode 9.

Tonight’s fall finale episode is titled “The Last Christmas,” and that could refer to more than one character — but we won’t spoil all the lump in the throat moments for you. Let’s get right to the recap. 

Gut Punches and Hospital Visits

It’s Christmas Eve, 1970something and young Kate’s appendix has to be removed. As she’s wheeled into surgery, Rebecca tells her nothing bad ever happens on Christmas Eve, while young Kevin clings to his twin’s hand ’til the last possible moment.  Read more…

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Enjoy watching Milo Ventimiglia do push-ups with Ellen DeGeneres on his back



Jess Mariano grew up to be suspiciously buff. 

Milo Ventimiglia, who currently stars as a ’70s-era dad to three on This Is Us, visited Ellen DeGeneres to talk about the show. And, like Justin Bieber before him, he participated in the great tradition of showing off your muscles on daytime television. 

Ventimiglia recreated an especially tender moment on the show between his character and his adopted son, Randall, by giving Ellen the same treatment. 

“His adopted father literally carried him on his back and showed him that he will be there for his son for his entire life,” explained Ventimiglia. “And so we did a bunch of push-ups.”  Read more…

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One Direction sock puppet remake is a bittersweet reminder of the good old days



One Direction’s 3D concert film, One Direction: This Is Us, hit theaters in 2013, but you may still be watching it to mourn the breakup of the British boy band. No judgement.

But instead of 3D, wouldn’t you rather see Harry Styles and One Direction as sock puppets? Thought so. That’s why our CineFix series, Homemade Movies, remade the entire movie trailer, shot-for-shot, with sock puppets in place of the band members. 

Goodbye, 1D3D—and hello, 1DSP.

Subscribe to CineFix for more videos: https://www.youtube.com/c/cinefix  Read more…

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‘This Is Us’ stages a very unexpected reunion



This recap contains spoilers for This Is Us Season 1, episode 9, titled “The Trip.” To refresh your memory of where we left off, check out last week’s recap.

This week’s episode of This Is Us has two kinds of trips for our enjoyment and enlightenment: a road trip to the cabin the family used to visit when the Big Three were kids, and an unexpected trip down memory lane with the help of magic mushrooms. 

Grudges Are Heavy

Randall is still processing his feelings about Rebecca not telling him about his birth father, William, for all these years, and he makes a detailed list about all his bruised feelings. In flashbacks, we see Jack try to convince Rebecca to find Randall’s birth father so Randall can have a better sense of himself, but Rebecca is against it because she’s afraid of what could happen if his birth parents have rights and try to take Randall back. Jack promises her he’d never let that happen.  Read more…

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