‘Transformers: The Last Knight’ teaser trailer is all explosions and moody space shots



If you like your trailers full of moody spaceships and Mark Wahlberg running away from explosions, you’re going to love the teaser for Transformers: The Last Knight.

Michael Bay’s latest instalment opens with mechanical dragons and a medieval battle that looks straight out of Game of Thrones, then fast-forwards through the ages to our planet being attacked yet again.

There are also some interesting shots of Optimus Prime that might make fans of the series go back for a second, closer viewing.

Transformers: The Last Knight (the final instalment in Bay’s five-part series) is released June 23, 2017. Read more…

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Get into Dan Stevens’ head in FX’s ‘Legion’ trailer



If you hadn’t figured it out from The Guest, Dan Stevens is about as far from Downton Abbey as can be. 

Stevens stars in FX’s upcoming sci-fi drama Legion, and it’s densely packed with action, effects and mind-bending visuals — the opposite, in every way, from his most famous TV role.

In this war, he’s the key. Watch the latest trailer for Legion, the new original series from FX and @Marvel. Premieres 2/8#LegionFX pic.twitter.com/n5OuAxKpls

— Legion (@LegionFX) December 5, 2016

Legion exists in the same universe as X-Men, where the human race is “evolving,” manifesting new powers and abilities. Stevens plays David Haller, a mutant mistakenly placed in a psychiatric facility (his father is one Charles Xavier).  Read more…

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‘Godzilla’ trailer remake captures the chaos without visual effects



CineFix‘s series, Homemade Movies, captured the panic and destruction of 2014’s Godzilla trailer in this shot-for-shot remake, with nearly zero budget (but a whole lot of cardboard, action figures, zip ties and ingenuity).

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‘America’s Next Top Model’ is still a thing, and here’s the Cycle 23 trailer



Apparently, 22 cycles weren’t enough – so get ready for Cycle 23 of America’s Next Top Model, which will premiere on VH1 on Dec. 12.

While Tyra Banks is listed as executive producer and does make a cameo in the trailer, this will be the first cycle in which she is not the show’s host.

Despite that, the high-action trailer has it all: crazy photoshoots, sassy judges, celebrity guests and drama between the contestants.

Is it bad I kind of hope this cycle is awful so I can dramatically recite my favorite ANTM quote?

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‘Frozen’ trailer re-created as a homemade movie



We can’t let it go — it’s been three years since the movie came out, and we still have Frozen fever. In tribute to this triumph of Disney animation, we remade the Frozen trailer as a live-action short. 

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