How to make sure your laptop isn’t one of thousands left with the TSA this holiday season


With Thanksgiving just past us and Christmas still to come, we’re right in the heart of the holiday travel season, so it’s a good time to remind you to stop leaving your laptop at TSA airport checkpoints.

This was underscored last week when a rep from the TSA shared a tweet (below), showing dozens of laptops stacked on a shelf, all left behind at TSA checkpoints at Newark International Airport in Newark, New Jersey.

About 70 laptops left at @TSA checkpoints at @EWRairport since October. Leave an item at a checkpoint? Contact us:

— TSAmedia_LisaF (@TSAmedia_LisaF) November 28, 2016 Read more…

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Viva Los Angeles: 30 hours in the City of Angels with the Huawei Honor 8


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Huawei Honor 8

Starry-eyed singer, actor and musician hopefuls flock to both Los Angeles, California and Nashville, Tennessee seeking opportunities to brush shoulders with industry greats. However, the cities’ respective associations with the entertainment world are where their similarities begin and end.

Nashville, with a population of just under 660,000, is bite-sized compared to L.A.’s whopping 9.6 million residents. The two cities exude decidedly different vibes, too. Nashville is country cool, rooted in Southern Americana; only recently has the town experienced an injection of aloof, hipster flair. L.A., in contrast, has ’50s charm and a signature, flippant attitude that’s inextricably tied to the glitz and glamour of Hollywood. Read more…

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WiFi for every room: Tour the WiFi-enabled house of the future


The “smart home” is becoming a reality. We’re starting to see the launch and adoption of countless types of Wi-Fi-enabled devices that previously had no digital value or function. It’s only a matter of time before the entirety of our homes are stitched together through the same Internet connection, making the bandwidth and coverage of your Wi-Fi more important than it’s ever been. 

The term “smart home” is somewhat vague, and open to multiple interpretations, as there is no single industry standard for how smart home technology is developed or how it’s defined. Instead, colloquially, a smart home is a home with at least a handful of Wi-Fi enabled devices that offer digital menus, advanced features, and other high-tech upgrades for otherwise common appliances and functions. So what types of appliances are currently enjoying these features?  Read more…

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Pro-Trump ranter banned for life by Delta because flying is bad enough without this guy


If you were planning on abusing a plane full of passengers with your excited about a presidential victory anytime soon, bad news: Delta Air Lines doesn’t want any part of it.  

The news comes from the airline after a video of a Trump supporter yelling at other passengers on a Delta flight went viral over the weekend. The spontaneous orator in question opted to share some uniquely poetic, philosophical nuggets, such as “Donald Trump, baby!” and “We got some Hillary bitches on here.” 

Needless to say, because anyone doing anything on a plane is a base-level of annoying, his fellow passengers weren’t exactly crazy about this: Read more…

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Cyber Monday flight deals are here to whisk you away from 2016


It’s been a really rough 2016 for a lot of people so if you can’t move to Canada, it’s time to treat yourself to a quick weekend holiday.

Luckily, there are some Cyber Monday flight deals to help you figure out where you can run away to, if only for a little while.


A fistful of airlines have specials for U.S. travelersDelta, Alaska, Southwest, Spirit, Hawaiian, and Frontier all have great deals. And Virgin Airlines is throwing in some donations to help tiny dogs if you need some puppy dog eyes to get you to hand over your hard-earned cash.  Read more…

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