Trump’s just-named EPA chief is a climate change denier


It almost sounds like farce, except it’s true: President-elect Donald Trump has tapped a climate-change denier to run the federal agency in charge of reducing the nation’s planet-warming greenhouse gas emissions.

Trump on Wednesday nominated Scott Pruitt, the Republican attorney general in oil-rich Oklahoma, to lead the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), Trump transition officials told reporters.

Pruitt has a long record of suing the agency he has been nominated to lead, including opposing the agency’s Clean Power Plan, which seeks to reduce greenhouse gas emissions from power plants.  Read more…

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Kid Rock is selling Trump shirts and they’re as bad as you’d expect


The best place to voice your politics is on your t-shirt.

No one knows that fact quite like Kid Rock, the badass musician who’s essentially just America’s uncle you’re worried about running into at the familyreunion. But he showed up. On a motorcycle. And he’s about to scream during a game of bocce ball.

He kicked off the shirt collection with a bold slogan. 

You know what they say: no amount of text is too much for a shirt and no text is too incomprehensible to print! Read more…

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‘Time’ names Trump person of the year and Twitter has a lot to say


No matter how hard you try to ignore Donald Trump, he just won’t go away.

On Wednesday, Time magazine announced Donald Trump as its “Person of the Year.” On the cover, Time wrote that he’d become president of the “divided states of America.” Twitter couldn’t agree more.

While some Trump supporters greeted the announcement with joy, others noted that the editorial was highly critical of him and the type of damage he’s already caused. NeverTrumpers and Clinton supporters noted that Hitler and Putin had both received the award before and that this was no honor. Read more…

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Homes in Trump Tower now advertised with a new amenity: Secret Service protection


At Trump Tower, you can have it all. And under a Donald Trump presidency, that means Secret Service protection.

That’s how the New York City real estate agency Douglas Elliman has advertised units inside the flashy Manhattan skyscraper at least.

The security detail was described as the hot new thing at Trump Towers in an email the agency sent out less than a week after Trump’s election, according to Politico.

“Fifth Avenue Buyers Interested in Secret Service Protection?” was the subject line of an email advertisement for 1,052-square-foot luxury condos going for $2.1 million. Read more…

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Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi wins reader’s poll for TIME’s ‘Person of the Year’


When it comes to popularity, India’s Prime Minister Narendra Modi seems way ahead of the U.S. President Barack Obama and even Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg. 

Modi topped the online reader’s poll for TIME’s “Person of the Year,” garnering 18 percent of the votes, the magazine revealed Monday. The magazine will announce its editorial choice for “Person of the Year” on Dec. 7. 

In comparison, Obama, Donald Trump, and Wikileaks founder Julian Assange each received 7 percent of the votes, followed by Hillary Clinton, who managed 4 percent of the votes, and Zuckerberg, with 2 percent of approval from the people. Read more…

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10 reasons why Donald Trump is actually King John from Robin Hood


LONDON — What could Donald Trump possibly have in common with a 13th century English King from a cartoon? More than you might think.

Some uncanny similarities between the President-elect and King John from the 1973 Disney classic Robin Hood were highlighted on Twitter by Tyler Huckabee 

Behold this glorious Twitter thread

I have had an incredible revelation which I must share with you. Forgive the thread, but this discovery warrants it…

— St. Tyler Hollyberry (@TylerHuckabee) November 29, 2016

Donald Trump is literally Prince John from Disney’s 1973 animated classic, Robin

— St. Tyler Hollyberry (@TylerHuckabee) November 29, 2016 Read more…

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Beastie Boys singer designs ‘vegan’ sneaker for Planned Parenthood


Donald Trump has said American women might just “have to go to another state” to have an abortion.

But Ad-Rock of the Beastie Boys, otherwise known as Adam Horovitz, is one person who’s trying to help women hold onto the right to choose. And he’s designing a new sneaker to do it.

Proceeds from sales of the Keep x Ad-Rock midtop shoe will go toward Planned Parenthood, which also offers medical services like maternal care. To produce the new $97 sneaker, the artist is teaming up with Los Angeles-based vegan footwear maker Keep, which has worked with artists such as Bon Iver and Animal Collective, according to PitchforkRead more…

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Trump is pretty much giving his memorabilia away for Black Friday


It’s not every day you get offered a Black Friday deal by the president-elect.

On Friday, Donald Trump’s campaign blasted an email to all its subscribers offering exactly that: a 30 percent discount on Trump memorabilia. If that’s not winning at life, we don’t know what is. 

Just in time for the holidays, you can get decked out in Trumpian accessories and make nice with those relatives by buying them a #MAGA red hat. 

If the anxiety of Black Friday sales is too much, perhaps sitting on your couch and buying a Trump collectable Christmas ornament in the shape of a hat for a bargain $149 will help ease your pain? How about 30 percent off? How about with a #BuildTheWall T-shirt thrown in?  Read more…

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