Oh hell yeah, look how big this turtle is



Damn, you guys gotta get a look at this turtle.

Two people from New Zealand were on a boat and they filmed the shelled creature and, wow, this thing is big, you won’t believe it.

I mean, hell yeah at the size of this thing. Throw some wheels on this guy and you’ve got a Toyota Camry, you know what I mean? You could eat a Thanksgiving dinner with your whole family on the back of this guy.

Pippa Partington and her husband Craig spotted the turtle (a leatherback sea turtle, to be exact) off the coast of Mangawhai on December 6.

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Good guy Prince Harry releases five baby turtles into the sea



LONDON — If you like Prince Harry and you like watching baby turtles get rescued, you’ve come to the right place.

During his tour of the Caribbean Islands, Harry recently journeyed to a turtle nesting site on Lovers Beach, Nevis. He then proceeded to help five baby turtles, which he’d worked with local volunteers to free from the island’s undergrowth, by releasing them into the sea.

Here he is rescuing the turtles.

Here he is rescuing the turtles.

Image: Chris Radburn/PA Wire

As Harry looks on, the turtles make their plodding progress towards the sea.

As Harry looks on, the turtles make their plodding progress towards the sea.

Image: PAUL EDWARDS/The Sun/PA Wire Read more…

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