BBC iPlayer Update Hints at Imminent Release of Apple’s TV App in the UK

BBC's iPlayer app received an update this morning that is fueling speculation online that Apple's TV app will hit U.K. shores imminently.

iPlayer's changelog for version 4.35.0 of the app simply lists "support for the new Apple TV app, available to users with devices running iOS 11.2 and above".

Apple's TV app – billed as an easy way to watch your favorite movies and TV shows in a single place – has been available in the United States since December of 2016, but remains absent from Apple TVs and iOS devices in the United Kingdom and across the rest of Europe.

In September, Apple released the Apple TV app in Canada and Australia, and announced that it would be bringing the app to France, Germany, Sweden, Norway, and the U.K. by the end of the year.

The BBC's mention is just the latest indication that the TV app should make an appearance very soon, in the U.K. at least.

Channel 5 was another British broadcaster Apple said it would be adding to its TV app, and last week the My5 app began appearing on Apple TVs. On Tuesday, ITV announced its ITV Hub was available on Apple TV, while Wednesday saw the global rollout of Amazon Prime Video on Apple TV, which also supports the native TV app.

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If you’re not tweeting about ‘Hairspray Live’ did you even watch it?


The latest entry into NBC’s live musical oeuvre, Hairspray Live!, aired Wednesday night and — as anyone who watched Sound of Music Live! or The Wiz Live! is well aware — half the fun of these giant productions is watching it with your friends.

And by “friends” of course we mean fellow musical theater nerds on Twitter. 

Below are some second-screen highlights from the three-hour broadcast. 

First of all, Dove Cameron was definitely a breakout star.

Dove Cameron and Kristen Chenoweth are destined to play a musical mother-daughter duo for the rest of eternity #HairsprayLive

— Rachel (@rachelalbon) December 8, 2016 Read more…

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Here’s how the ‘Star Wars’ droids could help you survive the holidays


The debut of Rogue One: A Star Wars Story is mere days away (Dec. 16, if you’re keeping track), and while the holidays have become synonymous with Star Wars, this time of year is also packed with plenty of other seasonal activities that may end up making you feel like bantha fodder by the time New Year’s Eve rolls around.

In a galaxy far, far away, our heroes can always rely on their trusty droids to help save the day. In that spirit, Mashable has assessed some of Star Wars‘ most reliable mechanoids and imagined just how useful they could be during this season’s most stressful situations.  Read more…

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Protesting sausages crash film awards to call out lack of female representation


A group of women are sick of the “sausage party” that exists in Australia’s film and television world.

So Wednesday, they protested against the country’s most prestigious industry awards, the AACTAs, dressed in sausage costumes.

Footage on Twitter by journalist Steph Harmon shows security forcibly removing the costumed women, who can be heard chanting “end the sausage party!” in reference to a perceived lack of gender representation on film and TV. 

Protesters dressed as sausages chanting to “end the sausage party” of the Aust. film industry forcefully ejected from #aactas red carpet

— steph harmon (@stephharmon) December 7, 2016 Read more…

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Fans are petitioning to bring back ‘Good Girls Revolt’


Fans are revolting against Amazon’s decision to not renew Good Girls Revolt.

The show, which debuted in November, has generated a ton of social buzz over the last few days, with many — including the show’s stars — tweeting #savegoodgirlsrevolt. 

On Tuesday, an official Care2 petition surfaced online. It has already amassed over 3,000 signatures.

SONY said if we get #savegoodgirlsrevolt trending it will help them pitch season 2 elsewhere. Speak up if you dig#savegoodgirlsrevolt

— Genevieve Angelson (@GenevieveAngel) December 4, 2016

Written by former journalist Dana Calvo, the series is based on a book by Lynn Povich which follows the landmark case in which 46 female staffers sued Newsweek for discrimination.  Read more…

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‘This Is Us’ leaves us with a Christmas cliffhanger


This recap contains spoilers for This Is Us Season 1, episode 10, titled “The Last Christmas.” To refresh your memory with where we left off, check out our recap of episode 9.

Tonight’s fall finale episode is titled “The Last Christmas,” and that could refer to more than one character — but we won’t spoil all the lump in the throat moments for you. Let’s get right to the recap. 

Gut Punches and Hospital Visits

It’s Christmas Eve, 1970something and young Kate’s appendix has to be removed. As she’s wheeled into surgery, Rebecca tells her nothing bad ever happens on Christmas Eve, while young Kevin clings to his twin’s hand ’til the last possible moment.  Read more…

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Return date announced for third and final season of ‘The Leftovers’


It’s been a year to the day since The Leftovers last aired, which makes Dec. 6 the perfect date for HBO to announce when the Damon Lindelof drama will return for its third and final season. 

In a new video released on Facebook and Twitter, Lindelof and series co-creator Tom Perrotta (who wrote the novel on which the show is based) appeared in the white garb of the Guilty Remnant to tease fans about the show’s Season 3 premiere date.

While we still don’t have an exact date for The Leftovers‘ Season 3 return, Perrotta at least deigned to reveal the month: April 2017, meaning that the show is likely slipping into the slot vacated by Game of Thrones, which will return next summer instead of its usual spring debut.  Read more…

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Lights, Camera, Cameron: Netflix releases trailer for new Cam Dallas show


Apparently being a famous digital influencer does entail a lot of blood, sweat and tears.

At least that’s what it looks like in the new trailer for Cameron Dallas’ new Netflix show Chasing Cameron.

The 10-episode series, which debuts on Dec. 27, follows the star’s behind-the-scenes life. It focuses in on his adventures with close friends Taylor Caniff, Aaron Carpenter, Blake Gray, Willie Jones and Trey Schafer, as they all set out on MAGCON’s (Meet and Greet Convention) first international tour.

“Social media… it’s the future for the new generation,” Dallas says in the trailer.

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This week’s ‘Walking Dead’ was ripped straight from the comics, and it was glorious


This post contains spoilers for The Walking Dead Season 7, episode 7, titled “Sing Me a Song.” If you missed the episode or need a refresher, check out our recap.

Okay, so I think a lot of us can admit it now – Negan is the damn worst.

Sure, he’s handsome. And yes, he’s charismatic. But he sucks, and now we all know just how much. The intimidation of his “wives,” the bullying banter, the gas-lighting after people get upset over the bullying – it’s all freaking terrible. 

Whether you see that or not, the producers of the show are trying to make us have that conversation. They’re trying to make him likable, while also framing him as evil incarnate. Is Negan charming, or is he the most sadistic person ever?  Read more…

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‘Westworld’ finale leaves us with ‘chaos’ for Season 2


This post contains spoilers for Westworld Season 1, Episode 10, titled “The Bicameral Mind.” Read the recap for episode 9 here

Westworld’s finale was a near-perfect end point to a fantastic season of sci-fi television, not to mention a tantalizing platform from which Season 2 will launch.

The Man in Black was William all along; Dolores was “Wyatt,” incited to kill her fellow hosts by Arnold as a way of derailing the park’s original opening; Ford actually wasn’t the villain (that was a double-twist!); and the hosts initiated the bloodbath viewers have been anticipating (courtesy of Ford’s final act and Chekhov’s frozen host army). Read more…

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