The future president is blocking people on Twitter like there’s no tomorrow


Since winning this year’s presidential election the talk of the 2016 Twitter-sphere, Donald Trump, is heavily utilizing the site’s block feature.

It appears that the controversial tweeter has decided if he sees anyone badmouthing him or disagreeing with his policies on his favorite social media site, he will simply hit the digital “you’re fired” button, dismissing the unwanted followers from his Twitter life.

Sick burn, Donald.

Now, as more and more people share their own personal “I’ve been blocked by the future President of the United States on Twitter” tales, it seems as though the blocking maneuver — normally reserved for extreme instances — is becoming second nature for The Donald.  Read more…

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Inside the life of a techie soldier


It all started with a toaster. When Army Corporal Neftali Delgado awoke one day as a child only to find that the family toaster had stopped working, he decided to take it apart and see what was wrong.   

Cpl. Delgado turned his passion and interest in fixing various devices into a career with the U.S. Army. As a Computer/Detections Systems Repairer in the U.S. Army, Cpl. Delgado performs maintenance and repair on a variety of critical systems and equipment, including night vision devices and equipment, plus some of the newer optic systems that are being rolled out.   

Taking things apart and figuring out how to put them back together has been a lifelong joy for Cpl. Delgado — and it’s something he gets to do every day with the U.S. Army.     Read more…

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Here’s Steven Seagal picking up his Russian passport from Vladimir Putin


So, if you didn’t know already, the world’s favourite ’90s ponytailed action star Steven Seagal has been making some serious waves in former Soviet countries.

He’s been fed carrots by the Belarussian president, rode a horse at the World Nomad Games in Kyrgyzstan, and hung out quite a bit in Russia, where he’s now a citizen of the country


Seagal went to pick up his Russian passport in Moscow on Friday. He didn’t get it from some random bureaucrat, however. Instead, he received it in person from the country’s president Vladimir Putin. What else for the star of the classic Under Siege? Read more…

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