Watch the ‘godfather’ of fake news try to explain himself on Samantha Bee’s show


This year, fake news stories marred the election and continue to propagate dangerous conspiracy theories. The man behind many of them? A 40-year-old Hillary Clinton voter who lives in a Los Angeles suburb with his family.

On Monday’s Full Frontal with Samantha Bee, Jestin Coler, who has created dozens of fake-news sites, sat down for an interview about the inflammatory stories. When called out for the information he’s making up, he said “my point from the beginning was to educate consumers on content. How to identify these fake versus real (stories).” 

He seems to distance himself from any effect these fake stories have on real life (such as in #Pizzagate) and sees himself as simply infiltrating conservative and alt-right readers’ feeds with garbage and satire about their beliefs. Read more…

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This device makes it super easy for thieves to steal your car


A creepy device that made breaking into cars look easy is back — but this time it can also start your car. 

The National Insurance Crime Bureau (NICB), a nonprofit insurance industry organization, posted about the “mystery device” Wednesday on their blog.

The device appears to be the same one discovered back in 2013 that gave thieves access to cars and stumped law enforcement and security experts trying to figure out how it worked. After seeing recent reports of thieves getting into cars and driving away, the NICB reopened the inquiry. Read more…

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The internet sees Donald Trump as the Devil on new Time cover


Is that the Devil in disguise?

‘Time’ named Donald Trump person of the year on Wednesday, unsurprisingly. And seemingly half the internet was convinced the magazine’s designers decided to portray the president-elect as Satan on the cover.

With a suspect placement of the iconic M over his bouffant mane that lent the former reality TV star two sharp red horns, Trump looked a lot like Beelzebub to some.

The theory made the rounds on Twitter Wednesday.

does anyone else see the horns they put over his head mannn y’all crazy @TIME

— Zach Brown (@ZachMorganBrown) December 7, 2016 Read more…

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#Pizzagate might have claimed its first casualty in Trump’s team


Donald Trump’s transition team has confirmed that Michael Flynn Jr., the son of Trump’s national security adviser, retired Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn, has lost his job. The announcement follows a series of tweets in which Flynn Jr. fanned the #Pizzagate conspiracy theory. 

Flynn, 33, “was helping his father with some administration and scheduling duties early on in the transition process,” Trump team spokesman Jason Miller said, adding that he is “no longer involved with the transition efforts.”

In one of his tweets, Flynn Jr said: “Until #Pizzagate proven to be false, it’ll remain a story. The left seems to forget #PodestaEmails and the many “coincidences” tied to it.” Read more…

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The Weather Channel shuts down Breitbart: Yes, climate change is real


The Weather Channel has slammed Breitbart for using its reporting to argue that the earth is cooling, when in fact, it definitely is not.

Brietbart‘s use of an unrelated Weather Channel video to back up false claims that the earth is getting colder just didn’t sit well with the weather reporting service, which rarely if ever sticks its nose in anything political. It delivered a scathing and informative video message on Tuesday. 

The site didn’t stop there. It also ran a story entitled “Note to Breitbart: Earth Is Not Cooling, Climate Change Is Real and Please Stop Using Our Video to Mislead Americans,” alongside the video message. Read more…

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Crack in Antarctic ice shelf threatens research station


A giant crack in East Antarctica is threatening to cleave off part of the ice where a key research station sits and leave the facility drifting on an iceberg.

The chasm, which was dormant for 35 years, is now growing at a pace of about 1.7 kilometers, or 1 mile, per year on the Brunt ice shelf, according to the British Antarctic Survey.

The U.K. science office on Tuesday said it was preparing to move the Halley VI Research Station to save it from splintering off into the sea. The station is a globally important platform for gathering data on space, weather, climate change and ozone measurements.  Read more…

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Homes in Trump Tower now advertised with a new amenity: Secret Service protection


At Trump Tower, you can have it all. And under a Donald Trump presidency, that means Secret Service protection.

That’s how the New York City real estate agency Douglas Elliman has advertised units inside the flashy Manhattan skyscraper at least.

The security detail was described as the hot new thing at Trump Towers in an email the agency sent out less than a week after Trump’s election, according to Politico.

“Fifth Avenue Buyers Interested in Secret Service Protection?” was the subject line of an email advertisement for 1,052-square-foot luxury condos going for $2.1 million. Read more…

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Spreading the love: Paris love locks to be sold to help refugees


Paris is not only the “city of love” but the city of love locks.

The weighty tradition of locking small padlocks to the sides of Paris bridges as a symbol of eternal love became so trendy in the past few years that some crossings were covered with them.

The Pont des Arts bridge in particular became the epicenter of the locking trend and about a year and a half ago, the city starting removing them citing safety reasons.

But now officials are thinking creatively about what to do with the thousands of signed locks.

The city is set to sell batches of the locks with the proceeds going to refugee groups, the Guardian reports. Read more…

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Stunning Instagrams capture woman’s 4,500 mile flight as human swan


On a lightweight wing and possibly a few prayers, Sacha Dench gracefully glided over Dover’s white cliffs Monday, becoming the first woman to cross the English Channel in a paramotor. 

It was a remarkable feat and just the latest leg in a Herculean effort that’s seen the British conservationist fly from the icy Russian tundra to British soil, tracing the migratory route of the Bewick’s swan.

Dench’s journey, which will end in Gloucestershire in the south west of England after she delivers a petition to Downing Street to lobby for swan conservation, has seen her travel some 7,000 km over 11 countries. Its goal: to see first hand the challenges these beautiful, dwindling birds face as they make their epic annual journey west — and to educate some of the communities they encounter on the way. Read more…

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