Watch the ‘godfather’ of fake news try to explain himself on Samantha Bee’s show


This year, fake news stories marred the election and continue to propagate dangerous conspiracy theories. The man behind many of them? A 40-year-old Hillary Clinton voter who lives in a Los Angeles suburb with his family.

On Monday’s Full Frontal with Samantha Bee, Jestin Coler, who has created dozens of fake-news sites, sat down for an interview about the inflammatory stories. When called out for the information he’s making up, he said “my point from the beginning was to educate consumers on content. How to identify these fake versus real (stories).” 

He seems to distance himself from any effect these fake stories have on real life (such as in #Pizzagate) and sees himself as simply infiltrating conservative and alt-right readers’ feeds with garbage and satire about their beliefs. Read more…

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6 deeply serious questions we have for Joe Biden about a 2020 presidential run


America is holding out for a hero to save us from the shitshow known as the 2016 election, and it turns out Joe Biden might be up for the job.

Though the beloved VP crushed hopes of running for office in 2016 early on, at a Senate session on Monday Biden gifted us a glimmer of hope that he hasn’t completely ruled out running for president in 2020.

Barack’s right hand man hinted at a possible run for office after Trump’s four years are up, according to CNN.

“Yeah, I am. I’m going to run in 2020,” Biden responded, when questioned about his future plans. When reporters asked what exactly he would be running for, he sassily replied, “For president. What the hell, man.” Read more…

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Morrissey calls music industry a ‘nest of horrors’ and cancels 6 shows


British indie rocker Morrissey may be “heartbroken” that the last six shows in his tour are canceled, but he’s still got some strong words for his management company and the music industry overall.

On his fan site, True To You, the former Smiths frontman posted over the weekend that his performances in Detroit, Chicago Cleveland, Houston, Dallas and San Antonio weren’t happening because they were “destroyed by the ephemeral damagers.”

He gushed about his loyal audiences across the world (“no words could ever express the volcanic love and joy found and shared”) but was critical of his management company and how they financed his performances.  Read more…

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Hire someone to make your wedding hashtag because #itshardtobeclever


Millennial weddings come with a basically compulsory social media component these days, and one woman is taking advantage.

After dealing with wedding overload (19 ceremonies over the past two years), Los Angeles-based magazine editor Marielle Wakim had witnessed her fair share of bridal processions, wedding veils and best man toasts. 

She’d also seen the rise of the wedding hashtag, a short phrase that’s usually an overly cutesy blend of the bride and groom’s names or a trying-too-hard nod to how they met.

If you’ve been to a wedding in the last few years, you’ll know it. The wedding hashtag can be found on everything, starting with invitations and the wedding website, and then plastered onto napkins, photo booth pictures and and centerpiece displays at the reception.  Read more…

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New element names are the scientific equivalent of dad jokes


Great news, chemistry geeks — the four new elements added to the periodic table last December have finally received their permanent names.

On Wednesday, the International Union of Pure and Applied Chemistry (IUPAC) announced that the names for the new elements — with atomic numbers 113, 115, 117 and 118 — have officially been accepted, thus completing the periodic table’s seventh row.

The names were suggested back in June by scientists from the United States, Japan and Russia who discovered the synthetic elements. Each name bears special significance and creatively fits the guidelines, which require an element be named after a mythological concept or character, a mineral or similar substance, a place or geographical region, a property of the element, or a scientist. Read more…

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How it felt to not know Trump won the election for 2 whole weeks


Joe Chandler’s “bubble of ignorance” popped last week and there’s no going back.

The 65-year-old calendar artist from coastal Georgia managed to stay in the dark about the election results for two full weeks. After a deluge of publicity about the “last man in America to know who won the election,” the country’s next president was revealed to him last week at a political take on a “gender reveal party” on an Atlanta radio show.

“I was crestfallen,” Chandler said to Mashable. “It was like stab in the heart with a knife when those red balloons came out of the box.”  Read more…

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Even pets are now using medical marijuana to treat their pain


Medical cannabis is not just for humans anymore. 

A growing industry of medical marijuana products is targeting our furry friends too. Edibles, oils and tinctures with an extract of cannabis, called cannabidiol, or CBD, are helping older, weak, injured, and sick pets deal with pain and other ailments. 

But this isn’t about Fido getting into your personal edibles stash, then scarfing down a bowl of puppy chow and chilling on the couch. It’s more in line with humans who use marijuana to cope with the effects of chemotherapy during cancer treatments or for back pain and other chronic illnesses. (Another reason this is no joke — pure cannabis is dangerous for pets. It can cause seizures, stomach problems, respiratory issues and other problems if inhaled or eaten.)  Read more…

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Track Cyber Monday shopping with this mesmerizing visualizer


Enjoy a glimpse of consumerism at its best from an e-commerce site that is showing how much shopping we do online, especially the Monday after Thanksgiving.


Black Friday may have had people duking it out over sneakers, but Cyber Monday is all about emptying your wallet from the comfort of your laptop — and online stores are ready.

On Shopify’s site, which hosts small- and medium-sized online stores from around the world, Monday’s online shopping frenzy is visualized with a counter tracking the number of products sold per minute, how much money is being spent per minute, a list of the recent products sold and a globe showing where sales are happening. Read more…

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Drone footage shows recent clashes at #NoDAPL protest in Standing Rock


New drone footage shot over the Thanksgiving holiday shows the continued clashes between protesters and police at Standing Rock.

Protesters comprised of Native Americans, environmentalists and their supporters have set up camp for the past few months in an effort to shut down the construction of a Dakota Access oil pipeline near Standing Rock Sioux Tribe lands.

There have been several incidents of fairly violent confrontation between protesters and law enforcement officials, and allegations of police brutality continue to spread.

Drones have become a way to document the protest, deemed #NoDAPL. Read more…

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Revolutionary or despot: World reacts after Fidel Castro dies at 90


Fidel Castro died at age 90, his brother Raul Castro announced late Friday. Rebel leader and former president of Cuba, Castro was an antagonist of at least 10 American presidents and a staunch socialist until his death.

Fighting the dictator Fulgencio Batista, Castro and his soldiers swept into Havana on Jan. 8, 1959. 

Although his promise of liberation and equality was greeted across central and southern America, Castro held thousands of political prisoners and kept a tight grip on his people. Many fled to the U.S. in the following decades. Read more…

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