Dash cam captures intense video of attempted car jacking



A quick-thinking driver in Albuquerque, New Mexico, managed to avoid a car jacking attempt, and it was all captured on his dash cam. 

The unnamed driver posted the clip on YouTube and explains that he was accompanying a friend to a store at about 11:30 p.m. on Tuesday. As soon as the driver exits the parking lot, he is immediately followed by a maroon Chrysler 300. It doesn’t take long before the Chrysler cuts off the dash cam owner, blocking him in at a stop sign.

The driver quickly reverses to avoid a confrontation, and the two cars play cat and mouse as the driver calls 911. 

“Who the fuck is that?” the driver can be heard saying on the video. Read more…

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Chris Pratt and Jimmy Fallon get weird with holiday Mad Libs



Mad Libs: not just a wacky road trip game anymore.

On Tuesday’s Tonight Show, Chris Pratt and Jimmy Fallon performed a holiday-themed scene written using the classic fill-in-the-blank game: a gripping tale of a Christmas gift gone missing.

And thanks to a truly genius word choice from Pratt, Fallon broke down laughing 10 seconds into it, mostly because his character was named Ding Dongs the Elf.

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Portland’s polar bear plays in the first snow of the season



Nora the polar bear is SUPER pumped.

The Portland Zoo received its first snow of the season recently, giving its resident one-year-old polar bear a chance to frolic in the fresh powder.

The young bear was born in captivity last year, but was abandoned by her mother after just a few days and was raised by zoo keepers at the Columbus Zoo before arriving at her forever home in Oregon’s Portland Zoo. 

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Gang of dogs in Russia steal woman’s groceries



Some dog’s don’t deserve the title of man’s best friend.

The dogs that roam the streets of Moscow are known to be pretty intuitive; some of them have even been seen navigating the city’s complex subway system. But when it’s time for some grub, these dogs also know a quick way to score a bite to eat.

A group of three dogs were recently spotted ganging up on a poor woman exiting a grocery store. After a few moments of the dogs jumping on her, she finally gave in and handed the big one a loaf of bread. 

It’s unclear if the woman previously made the mistake of feeding these dogs or if they just run a food-stealing ring that operates out of the grocery store. Read more…

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Renegade squirrel steals 150 Christmas lights



This is the story of how a squirrel stole Christmas. 

Margaret Rican and her Seattle home has been targeted by a thieving squirrel that she has dubbed the “Bulb Bandit.” In a series of YouTube videos, Rican documented the pesky rodent taking colorful bulbs out of a string of lights wraaped around her home’s deck.

“He has stolen 150 in 24 hours, carefully and precisely chewing through the wires to steal the bulb and bury them around the neighborhood,” Rican explains on YouTube. 

While it’s humorous to think that there’s a Christmas-hating squirrel roaming the streets of Seattle, the story takes a sudden depressing turn when you realize this poor squirrel probably thinks the bulbs are actually food.  Read more…

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Dash cam captures a man rescuing a teeny kitten that wandered into traffic



Dashboard cameras are typically placed in vehicles to avoid insurance fraud, but sometimes they catch some pretty incredible moments that unfold on the streets.

In a recent dash cam clip from Russia, a teeny kitty wanders out into traffic right in front of the camera, and attempts to hide directly underneath a stopped car. But thanks to a lot of luck and a quick reaction from the driver, the kitten escapes the ordeal pretty much unfazed.

The man who rescued the cat seems a bit confused as to what to do with it after he brought it to safety, but luckily another car pulls over at the end of the clip to help him out.  Read more…

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Treat-balancing dog exhibits a willpower the rest of us can only dream of



Imagine someone placing a delicious cookie on your nose. Who among us would not eat that cookie?

Well, this dog has more willpower than the rest of us — and is great at balancing treats on its nose to boot. According to its owner, the practice is a daily routine to beef up the pet’s communication skills.

And, yes, the dog gets to eat the treats — eventually.

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Mum leaves the room for one minute and all hell breaks loose



If you leave children unattended for even a moment they’re bound to get into something.

The mum in this clip left her kids for the time it took her to put in her contacts, which was clearly more than enough. When she returned she found both her kids completely covered in Sudocrem, an antiseptic ointment.

The mum says that it took her all day and multiple baths to get all the cream off, but adds “they’ve not had a nappy rash since.” 

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Dog really into leather craftsmanship right now



YouTube user Alyssa Antal walked into her dining room to find her dog marveling at the fringe on her purse. 

Chalk it up to an admiration for quality leather craft or the need for a very light-touch massage. 

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Heartbreaking video shows cat being rescued after it froze to the ground



A lucky cat got a second chance after it was found frozen to the ground in Russia.

In the video, the man filming explains that the cat became stuck after it sought refuge under a warm vehicle. Temperatures then dropped to negative 35 degrees celsius and the cat became frozen to the ground.

The couple filled a bucket with hot water and gently poured it over the cat’s paws to unfreeze it from the ice. 

“It’s most important that the cat’s alive and we’ll be able to help her,” the man can be heard saying in the clip.

In the YouTube description, they explain that the cat was taken to a veterinarian where it was determined to be about seven to nine months old. They stated that the cat was able to walk later that evening, and was adopted the same week.  Read more…

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