Dude narrowly avoids lightning strike, but refuses to lose his cool



Lightning strikes just metres from protagonists in Hollywood all time (see Freaky Friday or Back To The Future) but rarely do we see real-world footage of the scary cinematic plot device.

Scottish man Kris Owens was walking home during a thunderstorm in Byron Bay, Australia, on Tuesday — recording himself lest nature strike him down.

At it almost did, when I thunderbolt came out of the sky and hit the ground right behind him.

“I was making my way home at around 2 a.m. when I was caught in the middle of an intense lightning storm,” he told Storyful.

“Thinking it would be a good idea to record my possible death for my mum, I got my phone and started to record, and captured the footage.” Read more…

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Polar vortex-type cold wave could freeze parts of U.S. next week



After a historically mild November, the start of meteorological winter is shaping up to be extremely cold and snowy for parts of the North America, including the U.S. 

For weeks now, ultra cold air has been building up in Siberia, as the polar vortex has been wobbling around like a bad figure skater, displaced outside of the Arctic. Now it appears the Russian Arctic will warm up dramatically, relative to normal at least, as North America cools off — potentially big time.

The frigid air is coming in two waves. The first is already spilling across the U.S. The second, potentially more potent one, is on tap for next week.  Read more…

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The first photo from a new Earth-gazing satellite is insanely detailed



A brand new satellite orbiting hundreds of miles above Earth’s surface has just opened its eyes.

DigitalGlobe released the first public photo taken by the company’s Earth-gazing WorldView-4 satellite, and it’s a beauty. 

The new image, taken on Nov. 26 and unveiled last week, shows Tokyo, Japan’s Yoyogi National Gymnasium, one of the sites of the 1964 Olympics. 

WorldView-4 is the latest advanced satellite in a fleet of five DigitalGlobe spacecraft designed to beam high-resolution images of various places on Earth back to people on the ground.  Read more…

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Arctic air poised to invade the U.S. after record warm November



The fall of 2016 has been astoundingly warm across much of North America, but indications are that this is about to change in a big way.

So, consider yourself warned. 

November will go down in the record books as one of the weirdest such months on record, with North America’s climate stuck on “roast,” at least compared to average temperatures for this time of year, the Arctic setting records for unusual warmth and low sea ice coverage, and Siberia locked in snow and cold that is even frigid for, well, Siberia. 

It now appears that some of that cold, though not the heart of it, is poised to slosh eastward and then south, into Alaska, Canada and the U.S.  Read more…

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Winter is here! Delhi wakes up to season’s first foggy morning



Residents of Delhi woke up this morning to a thick layer of fog, the first of what marks the beginning of winter season.

People in the Delhi-National Capital Region as well as other places in northern India such as Chandigarh, Uttar Pradesh, Haryana, and Punjab are reporting considerably reduced visibility on the streets, and noticeably cold temperatures.

According to Sky Met, Palam the visibility dropped to 400 meters between 6 am to 7 am in many of these areas, and places like Saket, R.K. Puram, AIIMS, Noida, and East of Kailash are impacted too. Read more…

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