We assume Gwyneth Paltrow has already purchased this $85 rock from Nordstrom



You know that person on your holiday list who’s just impossible to shop for? Time to throw in the towel and get them a rock.

Department store chain Nordstrom is currently selling a rock with leather on it, also known as a “Leather-Wrapped Stone.” It’s priced at $85, but if that particular rock is out of your price range, you can purchase a slightly smaller rock, also wrapped in leather, for $65.

The company responsible is Made Solid, a Los Angeles-based business specializing in leather goods. Okay, Made Solid doesn’t actually make the rocks — shoutout to the Earth for that one — but they do create lovely leather pockets for them to rest in like artisanal, Goop-esque Humpty Dumpties. Read more…

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25 super weird, cheap gifts to get you uninvited to next year’s Christmas party



Sometimes you just want to say f*ck it.

Holiday shopping can be stressful – especially when you’re broke.

Between trying to find the perfect gift and not breaking your tiny budget, it’s easy to think, “What if I never had to do this again?”

Here are 25 gift ideas under $5 almost guaranteed to get you uninvited to next year’s Christmas party.

150 Piece Message in a Bottle Capsule

Image: amazon

Price: $2.31

2Four Piece Novelty Bone Ballpoint Pen

Image: amazon

3Yonger Vent Human Face Anti-stress Ball

Image: amazon

Price: $3.96 Read more…

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