Polar vortex about to blast U.S. with coldest air of the season



The Siberian Express will ride again next week, as frigid air pushes across much of the U.S. with temperatures in some places dropping to as much as 50 degrees Fahrenheit below average for this time of year. 

The cold will come courtesy of two main weather features — a wobble in the upper level polar vortex that will pull cold air out of Siberia, Alaska and Canada, 

While this will be a headline-grabbing event, with temperatures remaining below zero Fahrenheit for the daytime high across the northern Rockies, parts of the Plains and Midwest, it is not likely to equal or beat the severity of the January 2014 Polar Vortex event.  Read more…

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Drones capture first wintry wonderland weekend in the Midwest



‘Tis the season for the first wave of snow.

Over the weekend, a good portion of the Midwest saw their first round of significant snowfall for the season, including parts of Minnesota, Wisconsin, Illinois, Iowa and Missouri. 

First snow in Chicago ❄️ pic.twitter.com/XQHa9MQZzF

— Panda (@Amanda_luv_u) December 5, 2016

Chicago’s first snow of the season set a record for Dec. 4 with over six inches, which was plenty enough for some NFL snow angels

Luckily, too, the age of drones gives us a captivating birdseye views of the winter wonderlands, like this one from Madison, Wisconsin, where just under six inches of snow fell on Sunday. Read more…

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This futuristic snowmobile will have you feeling the winter vibes



The ‘Snoped’ may be a prototype, but it is certainly making winter look a whole lot sexier. The design comes from a group in Michigan called ‘Jruiter + Studio’ and they appear to be doing everything but messing around with their innovations.    Read more…

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Line adds snowflakes after Tokyo’s first early snowfall in 54 years



Tokyo residents woke up on Thursday to the first early snowfall in 54 years. And the country’s most popular messenger app, Line, commemorated the surprise with snow falling in the background of the chat screen.

Users started tweeting their surprise, attaching screenshots.

初雪に便乗してLINEにも雪が降ってきた❄️ pic.twitter.com/DsrfFNlMqP

— マナティ@冬1日目は幽々子 (@manatyY2I) November 24, 2016

早過ぎませんかLINEさん😳❄笑 pic.twitter.com/GJ1kzS87wa

— Š_H_Ø (@kjm_ponkoji_sho) November 24, 2016

Some people thought the snow added a sense of romance to their chat backgrounds. Read more…

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