Should you buy a refurbished iPad? Ebay, iRefurbstock, & more

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What’s better than an iPad? A cheap iPad. The iPad is a great device, but it can still cost as much as an entry-level laptop even if you go with the cheapest 16 GB Wi-Fi-only iPad Air 2. And if you need a data connection, you can add more money to the price. But before you decide that you can’t quite afford one, let’s take a look at some ways you can make the purchase of the iPad cheaper.

Buy a Refurbished iPad from Apple

An easy way to cut the price of an iPad is to buy a refurbished unit. In fact, this is a good trick with many devices from laptops to gaming consoles. Apple’s online store sells a wide variety of refurbished iPads and you can usually save off the price. If you combine this with buying the last generation iPad or an iPad mini, you can get a great device for fairly cheap. Worried about buying a refurbished device? A refurbished iPad from Apple comes with the same 1-year warranty you get with a new iPad, which can ease concerns of buying refurbished.

Buy a Refurbished iPad from a third party (

Apple’s refurbished prices are still quite pricey, so it may be worth checking out other non apple sources for refurbished units.  As long as you are getting a good warranty and returns policy, you should be able to (in most cases) buy with confidence.

We purchased an older model iPad Air 2 from  After a few weeks it arrived boxed, with full accessories.  All was in pretty good condition and the ipad itself looked almost brand new.  This seller includes an Apple care warranty with each ipad, so its worth calling into you local Apple store if you have any issues.

Buy a Refurbished iPad from a third party (

Just do a quick ebay search for Refurbished iPad and you are met with hundred of offers as usual check seller feedback and you should be ok.

Buy a Refurbished iPad from a third party (Amazon)

Did you know you can buy used products from Amazon? Go to Amazon, search for the iPad and click on the model you want to buy. Once at the product’s detail page, you will see how many used units they have for sale. These iPads are sold from a variety of different stores, and not only can you see details about the iPad such as what condition the device is in, you can also see the seller’s satisfaction rating.

23 thoughts on “Should you buy a refurbished iPad? Ebay, iRefurbstock, & more”

  1. also does refurb iphones now via Amazon. My ipad from irefub came with 25.00 ITUNES boucher so great deal while it lasts, Greg.

  2. I concur with Brian re, was kept waiting a while but they upgraded me to the next model with higher spec for free, however my iTunes voucher came seperatly a few days later which was annoying as I wanted to give all as a gift together. They could be clearer on this..

  3. Re irefurb, ask for Jason in customer services, sorted my order and got me a free upgrade to a better unit. Well worth it aftera ll

  4. irefurbstock sent me a 16GB instead of the 64GB ordered, 64 GB model then out of stock, so I scored the 128GB model for same price 😉

    They wont be in business long if they make mistakes like that lol

  5. irefurbstock need to sort their couriers. I have already ranted at them, guys said they attempeted to delivery but I cant be sure they did first time. Got it 2nd try, but had to wait in. Cracking iPAd for the money, but they need to tighten up with delivery co!

  6. If price is important, irefurbstock, if you want a better delivery service use Apple or ebay. We cancelled our order and got a refund with irefurbstock as it was simply taking too long, paid a bit extra on ebay for same unit but arrived in less than a few days. Live and learn!

  7. As per other poster, ask for Jason in customer services, he seems to get results within irefurbstock, also got me a bonus for the wait. They seem to have switched to HERMES now for deliveres.

  8. Irefurb for the best deal. I have ordered 2 units to date and both have been first class quailty. iTunes vouchers are a bonus also.

  9. Like brand new, all bits and bobs in box with irefurbstock. I also got a refurb ipad from an ebay seller, but no warranty.

    Usually I find irefub or ebay the best bet for ipads, and have purchases a few for work.

    With irefurb, be sure to REGISTER the warranty with them as per the card that comes in box, I missed this and nearly missed out on the 12 month warranty. BE warned!

  10. FYI ipad pro’s from irefurbstock ship out faster, 4 days for me. I concur with above posted, warranty card easy missed in box, be sure to register online within 48hrs of receipt they say.

  11. irefurbstock have just informed me they have yet another delivery date (next week) after the iPad Air 2 failed again today to arrive. One hour ago I was assured it was being delivered today. My order/payment is now 2 months old. My model has been ‘upgraded’ too, but whether it will ever arrive is still the question. I am losing patience and belief that they have any control over their vendors who are blamed for all the previous failures to deliver.

    1. Now onto my 2nd upgrade after irefurb told me they are removing iPad air 2 from there website due to vendor issues, so now been upgraded to ipad pro. Original order made in october last year, see if the ipad pro arrives. I shalln’t hold my breath. At least it seems I’m not the only one with these delivery issues.

  12. Arggggghh – OK I had 2 orders with iRefurbstock, one since End Feb, one since mid MArch.

    Feb order arrived last week, late but all is as advertised.

    MArch order due to arrive TODAY, but has been delayed again!

    1. I ordered 2 iPad Air from iRefurb and paid in full 13 February. Went through pain of many promised delivery dates (upgrade offered due to inconvenience – doesn’t make a difference if it doesn’t arrive). Cancelled order in mid April as decided two months was long enough and am now waiting for the refund ……

  13. iPad Pro arrived in less than a week and its fantastic value for money, mine was a grade a refurb so it looks brand new. WArranty card requires you to jump through some hoops when activating the device, but all checks out as a valid Apple warranty. You may also need to phone Apple to fully setup. All in well worth it guys.

  14. Ok, so I ordered 3 ipads for work from


    1 arrived, 2 weeks late. iPad itself is fine, warranty checks out.
    I requested a refund for the other 2 units weeks ago.
    1 refund arrived in my account today, the other refund is AWOL.

    Why cant they just process all together, they seem to go out of their way to be just plain awkward. AVOID THEM.

    Anna is customer services seems to get things done, but is under pressure Im sure. Just save yourself some hassle and dont bother.

  15. Finally refunded by these people, total waste of time and effort but money back non the less. Vendors seem to be messing them around, they need to tighten up as their reputation is taking a battering!

  16. Been waiting since feb, initial order was not delivered due to vendor issue, upgraded to pro (FOC) due for delivery Tuesday, Email yesterday to advise delivery today and BOOM!!! email today to say they have ceased trading….

  17. irefurb has now gone bust it seems, now what? I got an email saying they would deliver by the 10th or process a full refund..

    What hope do I have?

  18. My order has been cancelled by them as they have ceased trading, they promise a full refund by 24th May. How can they refund if they have ceased trading? I dont know, what else can I do but wait now.

    Feeling frustrated and a bit silly as I paid via bank payment and not card.

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